How it Works was built as VAE (Virtual Academic Environment) without boundaries. That is to say, it connects students of Tertiary Institutions to their fellow students, lecturers, researchers etc. from different institutions and departments and it also gives them unlimited access to ever growing academic e-contents. It works magically to;

Apart from the above, Tertiary Institutions and their students can download the Desktop application click here, or the mobile application click here and install on their computers in the case of Desktop Application and mobile devices in the case of mobile application to give them on the go access to e-contents and the Virtual Academic Environment.

It is pertinent to note that this technology can work offline, but needs to access the internet for at least 30 to 50 minutes and thereafter, it could continue offline. However, for continuous updates of newly added materials, the users need to go online once or twice a week for updates.

The materials could be downloaded to the user devices or computers or could be read consciously on the devices as desired by the user.

Instead of licenses, users are to create accounts for login purposes.

Finally, VAE could be deployed on school knowledge center, library, research center, lecturers’ computers and devices, students’ tablets and mobile devices.