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About Us

To be a virtual academic world for students, lecturers, researchers and readers.

Our mission is to make life easy for students, lecturers, researchers, and readers and also make learning and research fun.

Our specific objectives are to:

  • Shelf academic research materials such as course outlines, journals, research proposals, research projects, past exam questions and answers, lecture notes, interactive video tutorials, audio lectures, text books, seminars, IT reports, papers, handouts etc. for students, lecturers, researchers and readers department by department for them to download or read on the go.
  • Reduce the stress of roaming online for academic materials and research
  • Connect students with their fellow students from the same department and different departments to chat and brainstorm with each other on academic issues and to also make friends for future endeavours
  • Connect students with lecturers for private lectures
  • Making learning fun and boosting performance of students, lecturers, researchers and readers
  • Give students, lecturers, researchers and readers access to unlimited digital/e-content materials
  • Update students, lecturers, researchers and readers on trending news worldwide
  • Reduce rate of failure in the higher institutions.

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