According to an anonymous source from NIS,contrary to a video currently trending on the social media, officers of the NIS were only trying to carry out their statutory duty of profiling people deported to Nigeria. “His name on the ECOWAS Traveling Certificate is Tony Lucky. He arrived aboard a Turkish Airline flight on December 14. In the course of immigration profiling, he became violent insisting that he has no reason to be asked questions about his details. “He had no passport on him and was not ready to answer any question about the passport or give information about himself, more so as none of the names on the ETC is a Nigerian name,” the source said. According to the source, when Lucky was told that it is compulsory that he supply his detailed information and also have his fingerprints on the back of the ETC, he became violent and tried to force his way out in order to evade immigration clearance. “In the process, he landed a punch on one of our officers ACII D. Mamman, which led to bleeding. “At the duty room, he realised his mistakes. It is likely he acted under the probable effects of alcohol he consumed on the flight, he wrote an apology letter for his misbehaviour,” the source said. Lucky in the apology letter promised not to engage in such unruly conducts in future. Punch